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The core message of this document is ‘the Joy of Love experienced by families is also the joy of the Church”. This is because whatever affects the family affects the Church. The document therefore seeks to address some marriage and family issues relation to the current pastoral ministry of the Church.


The paragraph 312 summarises the entire content of the document. It states that, “this offers us a framework and a setting which helps us to avoid a cold bureaucratic morality in dealing with more sensitive issues. Instead, it sets us in the context of a pastoral discernment filled with merciful love, which is ever ready to understand, forgive, accompany, hope and above all integrate”. The issues of the members of the Church who find themselves in complicated situations such as polygamous marriage, homosexuality, divorced and remarried among others that keep them away from the reception of Holy Communion are addressed in the document. The Pope encourages such people to “speak confidently with their pastors or with other lay people whose lives are committed to the Lord”. Again, he encourages the Church’s pastors “to listen to them with sensitivity and serenity, with a sincere desire to understand their plight and their point of view, in order to help them to live better lives and to recognize their proper place in the Church”. They are never to be condemned or sidelined. They are to be treated with love and mercy.


In his remarks at the end of the workshop the Bishop, Most Rev. Joseph Afrifah Agyekum thanked Frs. Wisdom Lawer and Dieu Donne Davor for facilitating the workshop. Bishop reiterated that the document is very important because it treats very important subject matter: Marriage and Family. He said since it is an exhortation we have the right to study and raise questions. The Chief-Shepherd appealed to the participants to transmit what they have leant from the workshop to every part of the Diocese.


This document is available online.


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