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PARISH PROFILE:.Name of the Parish: St. Augustine Catholic Church
Activities/Programmes: Regular Activities












7:00 PM

6:30 AM

6:30 AM

6:30 AM

6:30 AM

7:00 AM

Bible sharing

7:00 pm











7:00 pm




Bible Study/Christian Doctrine




7:45 pm




Sick visitation




Third Thursday




Choir, Singing Band Practice


8:00 pm




7:00 pm




4:00 pm CMA




7:00 am KOA

After second Mass - COSRA



4:30 pm

Church Council






3. Societies:
Holy Childhood group (Children Service), CYO, KOA, Youth Choir, YCW (Singing Band), COSRA, Senior Choir, Catechist Association, CMA, CFA, Confraternity of the Sacred Heart, Knights of St. John, Auxiliary Ladies of Martial, and Catholic Charismatic (Movement).

4. Outstations:
29 Outstations: 1) St. Augustine, Asesewa; 2) St. John The Evangelist, Djomoa Sisi; 3) St. Joseph, Djomoa Yiti; 4) St. Anthony, Akotokro-Gua; 5) St. Christopher, Anyamoni; 6) Sacred Heart, Kwabea; 7) St. Patrick, Akrusu-Saisi; 8) St. Benedict, Brepaw Lower; 9) St. Ambrose, Akateng-Timersu; 10) Sts. Perpetua and Felicity, Akotoe; 11) St. Francis Xavier, Konkoney; 12) St. Paul, Korwhere; 13) St. Barnabas, Kwaopeniase; 14) St. Thomas Aquinas, Abertinso; 15) St. Lawrence, Dominase; 16) St. John the Evangelist, Abourso; 17) St. Anthony, Abourso – Djamam; 18) St. Arnold Janssen, Odortorm; 19) St. Bernard, Amotare; 20) St. Matthew, Dedeso; 21) St. Clement, Akurmesu West; 22)St. Thomas Aquinas, Sukuma; 23) St. Paul Miki, Nkankama; 24) St. Mark, Amoafoasu; 25) St. John Bosco, Bisibour; 26) St. John the Baptist, Ahomahomasu; 27) St. Gabriel, Kumfele; 28) St. Peter, Asare Kwao; and 29) St. George, Aboatsam

5. Date Founded: 1949
Dedication of the Church: 12th June 1966

7. Number of Schools: KG = 14; Primary = 14; JHS = 11;

8. Inhabitants: around 60,000

9. Occupations of the People: Various: Farming, fishing, trading, Dressmaking, hairdressing, carpentry, mason, teaching, Government employees among others.

10. Religions: various …..

11. Number of Active Catholics: around 9,000

12. Current Parish Priest: Fr. Dionisio Nellas, SVD

13. Current Assisting Priests: Frs.: David Agah Selasie, SVD and Emmanuel Azure

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