In his homily, the ordaining Bishop expressed his appreciation to the family of the ordinandi for contributions and support have given to their sons so far and presenting them for the service of the Church for the rest of their lives.

The Bishop reminded the ordinandi of their obligation and responsibility to proclaim the good news of salvation and the need to do so without boasting or looking for applause. He said failure to proclaim the Good News has serious consequences. Making reference to the first reading for the occasion from 1 Cor. 9:16-19,22-27, the Chief-Shepherd told the ordination candidates to imitate St Paul that in proclaiming the Good News they should make themselves all things to all people so that my all means they can save some for Christ. The Local Ordinary drew their attention to need to constantly remain focused throughout their ministry as priests and always keep in mind that they have not been ordained for any perishable reward. ‘You are to practice the message you preach and what you celebrate so that at the end of your ministry you will not be losers but find salvation for your own souls too’, he intimated. Like Jesus called the Apostles and sent them, so according to the Bishop, the priests are called, ordained and sent to proclaim the good news, heal, comfort and liberate.

The Prelate of Koforidua reminded the priests-to-be never to forget what Jesus told the Apostles when he was sending them not to take anything along. The Chief-Shepherd also cautioned the newly ordained about acquisition of material things and the need to go in for just what is very necessary. He emphasised, ‘the more things you acquire the more difficulty it becomes for you when you are asked to go on transfer. Do not allow material things and other attractions of the world to distract you’. The Local Ordinary further encouraged them to use modern means of communication and media outlets to preach the good news and for propagation of the faith. The Bishop added that humility, respect and obedience to their superiors must not elude them. He equally advised the priests of the Diocese to welcome the newly ordained as brothers and co-workers and support them.

The Local Ordinary of Koforidua Diocese ended his homily on the note of appreciation to Formators, Pastoral Team Members, Parish Priests, Parishioners, Benefactors, Family and Friends of the ordinandi for all the supports given to them in the cause of their training. He again encouraged them to continue to support the newly ordained priests.

After celebrating their Thanksgiving Masses in their respective parishes, the newly ordained Priests have received appointment to the places of pastoral assignments. Fr George Yeboah is assigned to St Mary Parish, Asamnkese; Fr Martin Delali Atitson to Holy Trinity Parish, Agomanya and Fr Samuel Eli Adadey to St Catherine Parish, Kade.


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