Department of Social Communications (DEPSOCOM)

The Department of Social Communications (DEPSOCOM) of the Catholic Diocese of Koforidua is an organ of liaison that facilitates the collaboration among parishes, rectories and institutions of the Diocese through an effective information sharing process. The office works to bring a Christian dimension to all communication activities and develop 'Social Communication' within the Diocese in order to support Christian living and the service of the Gospel. It is also the link between the Diocese and the Department of Social Communication at the National Catholic Secretariat.



  1. Training/seminars for Pastoral Leaders on relevant "Church and Social Communication" subjects;
  2. Publication of ‘Lumen Christi’ a quarterly Diocesan newsletter circulated to all Parishes, Religious houses, formation houses, Senior High Schools and other institutions in the Diocese.
  3. Maintenance of Diocese website and other social media platforms
  4. Responsible for publication of Brochures for Diocesan Programmes
  5. Promotion and facilitation of Radio for evangelization programmes
  6. Publicity of Diocesan Programmes and Events.
  7. To send news and information about what is happening in the Diocese to the National Communications office and send news report for publication in the Catholic Standard



  1. To promote the gospel values through the appropriate use of the means of social communication for the efficient and effective evangelization.
  2. To projects the image of the Catholic Church and Catholics through every legitimate medium
  3. To promulgate within the diocese the directives and guidelines regarding social communication by the Holy See, the Ghana Bishop’s conference and the Bishop of the Diocese.
  4. To keep the Bishop informed about all developments in the field of social communication, particularly those affecting the Church
  5. To co-ordinate all communications activities of the diocese.
  6. To coordinate the organization of Catholic Media Practitioners in the Diocese
  7. To provide Catholic programmes for Radio
  8. To help and support pastoral/social communication formation through talks/seminars
  9. To cooperate with other departments of the Diocese in devising ways and means to support evangelization and the ministries of the Church.



Fr Joseph A. A. Asumadu

Tel: +233 2039390 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Tel: +233 2039390 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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